Information we have about you:

Carol Parsons and Mick Leary (EmJay Music) have a database of names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses (where appropriate) that we use to contact you on behalf of The Hailsham Organ and Keyboard Club.

Please note we do not store or have access to any of your financial information, or credit or debit card details.We never pass on any of your information to anyone else unless you have given your explicit permission to do so, and even in such cases, we will ask you for proof of your identity first.

As you have freely given your name, address, telephone and email addresses to us on your subscription forms, we have up to now assumed we may use these to contact you, but if you are not happy about us having and using this information to keep you informed of the latest news and events, please let us know, and we will remove your details immediately, and confirm that we have done so. You can do this by .....

POST: Mick Leary, 21 Reepham Road, Briston, Norfolk. NR24 2LJ

TELEPHONE: 01263 860844 (if you get an Answerphone it will say 'EmJay Music' - you can leave a message there).


We will confirm with you that we have received your request immediately before we delete your details.

This policy dated April 28th. 2018